Alienum phaedrum torquatos nec eu, vis detraxit periculis ex, nihil expetendis in mei. Mei an pericula euripidis, hinc partem.

Vršovické literární centrum Waldes

Literature Night 2020 / Prague / Vršovické literární centrum Waldes

In April 2020, the Vršovice Bookshop expanded and is now the Vršovice Literary Centre Waldes. The newly established centre, housed in a building formerly known as the Waldes Museum, focuses on literature, education, and other cultural activities. It aims at becoming a platform for representatives of book as well as non-book culture. At the same time, it reminds visitors of the legacy of Jindřich Waldes, the founder of the nearby Koh-i-noor factory.


Moskevská 57/entrance from the Slovinská street


Capacity: 25+

WC: yes

Barrier-free access: no



will be reading from Widnokrąg / Horizon by Wiesława Myśliwskiho (transl. Lenka Kuhar Daňhelová / Havran 2020)

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