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Laccis / Ties



A fragile story about marriage and family relationships. What is a family and what keeps it together? Aldo and Vanda’s marriage went through a difficult test in the beginning. It has persisted, but it is full of troubles and still open wounds, which both spouses and their two children are gradually talking about. But each of them seems to be telling the tale from a different perspective. Everyone has their truth, their guilt and their revenge. Everyone is looking for a way to live with these commitments and to find a balance between responsibilities and personal desires.

Published by Kniha Zlín, 2019


Alice Flemrová


©Archiv redakce

Domenico Starnone (* 1943) is an Italian writer, screenwriter and journalist. He is the author of numerous novels, some of which have been adapted into films. For many years, he worked as a teacher at secondary schools and grammar schools and also as an editor in the cultural section of various newspapers and magazines. In 2001, he won Italy´s most prestigious award in the field of literature, the Premio Strega, for his novel Via Gemito.


by Františka Bakošová.

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